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Being a passionate dressage rider myself, I started Dressage Queen Dream in 2021, because I love fashion, and horses, and obviously dressage.


I love the elegant lines and the feel of our sport and how the clothing enhances our bodies and helps us perform with our best friends and one of-a-kind-unicorns.


There is no lack of beautiful dressage clothing, but I wanted to create something unique and special, comfortable, yet elegant that looks great on and off the horse! 


Putting not only a lot of thought into every design, but also putting it through rigorous testing is what makes Dressage Queen Dream products stand out. I personally have worn, ridden in and washed every single item numerous times before the final design has made it into the store and on the website – only the best quality will do!


Dressage Queen Dream is my life style brand for every queen, who lives and breathes life with her horse(s), all day, every day. I want you to feel good in your body on and off the horse, and provide high quality products that enhance your every day experience and put a smile on your face when you go about your day!





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